Watch Repair

Many Swiss watch brands recommend a “Basic Service” which requires replacing all the gaskets, removing and cleaning the bracelet and case and a new battery and pressure test. This service assures that all gaskets are new and the watch is restored to “like new” water-resistant standards. This is also an excellent time to “refinish” the case and bracelet to “like new” condition as well, which can be done on all solid gold, platinum, palladium, titanium and stainless steel watches. This service is limited however and cannot be done on rubber, ceramic, gold-plated or PVD coated watches. Our Swiss-trained watchmaker can estimate this service for each model if requested.



J. Brooks employs the finest watchmaker in the intermountain west. He studied in Switzerland in 1975 and graduated from the Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking #1 in his class and is WOSTEP Certified. He has since been certified by multiple major watch companies.


All watch repairs are done at his shop here in Murray, Utah. 


Mel’s shop is inspected every other year by the Omega experts to insure that he has the most up-to-date equipment to handle any mechanical watch that comes into the shop. He can make your watch run and look like it did when it came from the factory. We use only "Original Manufacturer Parts," including gaskets and seals. If we can't do it right, we will not do it at all. Mel’s finish work is second to none. People are often astonished at how perfect their watches look. All mechanical watch overhauls come with a 2 year J. Brooks warranty. We also offer Free Estimates.  


We offer battery service for all fine watches. Battery service requires testing for water resistance to original factory specifications. This is done by Mel, our Swiss-trained watchmaker, using the latest Swiss-made equipment under air pressure to assure water resistance to the depth originally specified by the factory. And each watch model is unique. Mel provides a "watertightness test” printout showing our water enthusiasts that they are free to dive, swim and play within factory standards again. Beware of inexpensive offers to test your watch without the proper training and equipment. Mel does all battery service to the same standards as any factory in Switzerland without the cost of a plane ticket.
*PLEASE NOTE: All watch strap/bracelet adjustments or battery replacements are done in our Murray location for a same day fix. If you are wanting to drop your watch off for these repairs in our Lehi store, please allow 1 week for the transfer of the piece to and fro our stores. For any other repairs to watches, there are other turn around times for those. 
Contact us for questions regarding specific watch repairs - click here