The history of rose gold

Did you know rose gold

was the most popular

precious metal during

World War II?




The perfect blush pink hue of gold & copper alloy was first seen in 19th century Imperial Russia, first coined as “Russian Gold”, later to be known as “Rose Gold”.


The 1920’s era of art, fashion & culture, implemented this soft pink color into many elegant jewelry designs. After the Wall Street Crash of 1929 however, the world economy shifted, inspiring the Art Deco & Art Nouveau eras that favored platinum for an icy white color scheme.


When WWII began, platinum was very often used in war efforts which caused many countries to restrict its use. Once again, rose gold was reintroduced to the jewelry market as the world’s precious metal of choice, much like today.



We love rose gold for the subtle feminine touch it adds to a beautiful design.