Marco Bicego, found exclusively in Utah at J. Brooks Jewelers


Simplistic, striking & elegant. Not many designers can effortlessly accomplish each of these qualities. 


Found exclusively in Utah at J. Brooks Jewelers, Marco Bicego has been a favorite designer of ours for years. We immediately fell in love the first time we ever felt the soft texture & lightness of their pieces. There was something so rich & elegant about the feeling of each individual piece. We knew instantly, this was something special. 




Originally created as a gold chain business by his father, Guiseppe Bicego in 1958, Marco Bicego learned the artistry of craftsmanship until debuting his brand in the year 2000. Each piece is sketched, designed, handcrafted & finished in Trissino, Italy, near historical cities such as Venice, Vicenza and Verona. 


Every step of the production is done in-house, ensuring the highest quality of jewelry. They begin with melting their own 18K gold. From there the beauty of the piece begins to take shape by incorporating their signature hand engraving and coil technique.


You can tour their headquarters in Trissino to get an exclusive look at their processes & craftsmanship. Contact us if you are planning an Italian getaway and are interested in taking a tour of the headquarters to see the brand up close - contact us here  


A closer look into the headquarters with Marco Bicego himself in Trissino, Italy:





The brand’s signature hand engraving is made with the traditional “bulino,” an ancient tool devised for the art of hand-carving which gives their gold a fine, brushed texture. The finish is what sets Marco Bicego apart and truly makes each piece unique.


Hand engraving bulino technique, unlike any other designer




The inner coil is the key to the luxuriousness of their hand twisted designs. It is made from a thick strand of gold which is then tightly wound with 18K gold “thread.” The resulting coil can be manipulated into various shapes and finishes

The coil technique




Marco Bicego's collections are inspired by the countries and cities he has visited and loved, including the collections Africa, Cairo, Jaipur and Murano. 


"However, when it comes to creating the actual jewelry and pieces, my greatest inspiration is the woman wearing it. The Marco Bicego woman is modern, she has a tremendous sense of personal style and is not afraid to experiment with jewelry in unconventional ways, especially layering. Because of her, I design with the mentality that pieces can be worn both alone and together. " - Marco Bicego


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