About Our Owner || John Brooks


John Branscomb grew up in Winston Salem, North Carolina. He lived a simple, Southern life with his parents and 5 brothers & sisters. His mother stayed at home with the kids and his father worked as a bookkeeper, office manager and salesman in many fields of endeavor. When his mobile home business closed, John and his brothers worked alongside their father, John from age 9, selling produce door to door, a process that taught him the priceless value of hard work and Southern hospitality.

Other jobs followed as well as his family struggled to be financially independent so John added newspaper routes, morning and afternoon in those days and mowing yards. Once he turned 16 he became a delivery man for Charles Chips potato chip company. He also added being a bus driver at 16 1/2, a great before and after school job.

As a junior and senior in high school, he worked 50 hours a week as the minimum wage was only $2.15/hr.

“I realized early that work requires little talent other than effort and I was good at it.”- John Brooks

After serving an LDS mission in Colorado, he then moved to Utah in 1981 to attend Brigham Young University and work with his brother at Sierra West Jewelers.

He married his beautiful wife, Kim York in 1983 and they started a family in 1987 in Provo, Utah. 



John has always been very social and charismatic. From a young age, he knew he wanted to interact with people in whichever career path he would choose. During his time working with his brother, he grew a passion for being a part of people’s life’s celebrations. What better feeling than to interact with friends & clients every day that are celebrating some of life’s greatest moments. He found the industry completely fascinating and uplifting to be around. He completed The Diamonds and Diamond Grading course with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), once he decided that the happy world of jewelry was his official career.



After 16 years with Sierra West, in 1997, John decided to start his own company, J. Brooks Jewelers in Murray, Utah. After loving his initial experience in the industry, he wanted to implement his own perspective and ideas through J. Brooks Jewelers.

He realized that beyond engagement and marriage, there were so many other life’s moments that he wanted to help people celebrate as well. He expanded into fashion jewelry



J. Brooks Jewelers is a family-owned & operated business that offers a comfortable & inviting atmosphere while focusing on jewelry fashion trends. We take pride in being your jewelry fashion consultants, meaning, we are constantly adding new, current pieces from our designers all over the world. From designers in New York & Los Angeles, to fashion jewelry designers in Italy, to our fine Swiss timepieces, we provide a beautiful of pieces from designers around the world.

Although we have wonderful designer brands to choose from, custom design has become one of the biggest aspects of J. Brooks Jewelers. When custom designing a piece of jewelry, the client is involved in every step of the way — from the sketch to the digital model (CAD), the wax, and finally the finished product. As jewelers, this is so wonderful to watch someone’s creation come to life.

Another unique aspect about J. Brooks, is our ability to cater to any budget or celebration. Fine jewelry can often seem intimidating to shop for, but we take the time to educate & inform each of our customers on characteristics of diamonds, color stones, precious metals and so on. Whether purchasing your first engagement ring, graduation gift, anniversary band or Christmas present, it is important to understand the value and quality of every piece you invest in.


Our most important advice is to be sure you are always making an educated decision when purchasing fine jewelry. Especially now that moissanites and lab-grown diamonds have entered the market, it is more important than ever to be sure you understand what you are looking for and are buying exactly what you think you are. We have unfortunately seen clients purchase a lab-created diamond instead of what they thought was a natural diamond from either an online store or another jeweler. We want you to be confident you know all of your options and understand the value and quality of the piece you will purchase.

It is also very important to pay attention to the quality of diamonds and craftsmanship when purchasing jewelry. We, unfortunately, have seen clients purchase lower-end quality pieces without realizing it, because they were not informed on the quality of the piece.

It is very important to be sure you trust your jeweler, and are sure they are very transparent with pricing, details and quality! 

Especially with jewelers all over the world being present online, something we would recommend it making sure you can touch and feel a piece before buying. Shopping for jewelry is the most exciting part of the process! Shopping online takes away from that wonderful experience of finding what looks and feels best on you.

Purchasing fine jewelry goes beyond the importance of an investment purchase, but these pieces will later be passed down through generations. You want to be sure you are finding exactly what you are looking for.



We would love to be your family jeweler. To show you our commitment to that we offer the following;

1-Free warranty that covers your purchase against defects from bumper to bumper and it extends forever if you come have us inspect it yearly.

2-One year interest free financing via Wells Fargo Financial on approved Credit.

3-Free layaways for up to 180 days.

4-Lifetime appraisal updates on all purchases.

5-Free polishing, cleaning and inspections for life.

In the end if you don’t know jewelry, you better know your jeweler!

- John Brooks