Mens Jewelry

Your wedding band is a symbol, both of your commitment to your partner and to your relationship. Your wedding band should reflect your lifestyle. J. Brooks understands that you want a finely crafted ring, one that is highly functional and pragmatic. You need a ring that matches your style and personality. If you appreciate quality our selection of Men’s rings will help you make a statement.

Two Wedding Rings?

It is becoming increasingly popular for a man to have two wedding rings. One “daily ring” that is made of stronger, “alternative” metals where he won’t have to worry about denting his ring or being too rough. This ring tends to be very practical, with precise, machined manufacturing techniques, and a weight that is heavier or lighter than the average precious metal ring.

The second ring tends to be a more traditional gold ring, a ring worn on special occasions. Because this ring is made of a softer, precious metal, it tends to need more care and to be kept safe when not worn. These two rings help put emphasis on both the tough and soft aspects of a husband, both as a protector and caregiver.

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